Whenever the city loses its heart.

Whenever the city loses its heart.

Whenever the city loses its heart. 2020
Whenever the city loses its heart.

It is said that people think from both the heart and the mind. But there is nothing good by ignoring the voice of the heart. The brain can give you some problems, the heart can also suggest a way out of them. Despite being in the same office, Anju and Satish remained unaware of each other for some time. Anju was a junior and was learning work. Anju was open-minded. Satish Sr. was in a separate department.

Then something happened that Anju did not understand software that was too complicated and his project got stuck, it was stuck that his promotion was also pending.

Even Anju's colleagues could not help him. They asked him to go to Satish to get guidance from him. Anju approached him for help. Satish was adept at his work and shared his expert experience without expecting any returns. He had no concern with whether or not he received two words of thanks in exchange for 

help. But he was emotional and helped Anju heartily. Anju also made a place in his heart. Anju was in need of help at that time, And the boss also wanted to impress Vinay. Boss and Anju were close at one time. Now Vinay used to keep some distance from him due to his seniority. With the help of Satish, he completed his project, got a promotion too. With the help of Satish, he benefited a lot in his career and it was happening. Now she relaxed and got close to Satish, It was 

increased. Perhaps there was a chance of opportunity and she started sharing her sorrows with Satish. Now both were not strangers to friends and used to spend free time together. Both were music lovers but the tests were different. Satish Ghazal would have liked and Anju Western music. Both of them had different choices for eating food. Slowly, Anju started shattering on Satish's heart A Ghazal sung by Mehndi Hasan was very much liked by Satish but he had deleted his last two lines. The beginning line was…

We did not come, let's live Otherwise, why do you die from death?

None of Satish's friends knew the last two lines of this ghazal. Satish deliberately edited them with ghazal. Satish made some distance by considering this friendship as Platonic love. Anju remained unknown even after understanding something. She was more open-minded and apart from Satish, Anju had more friends. Despite this, both of them started becoming friends. Satish was also single. Anju too. Anju, it seemed that Satish wanted to give him something in 

return for help. But Satish was oblivious. Anju had a bad habit of using the wrong word. Sometimes Satish did not like it even if the wrong words were used for anyone. Anju wanted to return to that favorite. One day he invited Satish to dinner. The duo continued working on the project for a day and at the end moved to a nice restaurant. Drinks were also served during dinner and there was some altercation between the two. Anju was the host but drunk said a word like "cold" to her which made Satish feel bad. Even then, Satish did not fall in love, but Anju 

wanted to take this to another level. Both of them started living some distance but Satish was taking more work from his heart. Anju's moves were calculated in away. Despite giving more importance to their career, he could not make his kind relationship with Satish. Emotions were becoming a part of his life. Satish did not accompany her in partying with friends. Absolutely not. Now in the next part of 

this story, Anju got a posting abroad from his boss which he accepted but after two years he was to return to India in the company. Satish leaves Anju with a sad heart. Satish later learns that Anju had gone live with a foreign colleague. Satish was heartbroken but was spending the day hoping for a divine coincidence.

Satish now made up his mind to listen to the ghazal and also listen to the last two lines of his beloved ghazal to alleviate his grief 

Settlements plundered and settled daily

Whenever you see the city, you do not live

Now in the last part of this story, Anju got a tremendous cheat in life and came to India after two years of posting. Anju was not in a position to shake his eyes with Satish, but Satish extended a friendly hand towards him and made him his soul mate. Now Anju and Satish often forget this old ghazal by forgetting old shake

"Someone bumped into the path of life A light is shown in the dark 

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