covid 19,,Ghost story Witness the true ghost story

Ghost story Witness the true ghost story
Ghost story Witness the true ghost story
Ghost story Witness the true ghost story
ghost story
One evening I was sitting with some people who stayed after an event. I remember it was a meditation session. They all came to my program for the second or third time and were very eager to know about India, my thoughts or just spend some time with me. That's why I stopped them to talk for a while. The center in which this session was held was adjacent to my organizer's house, where I was staying, so there was no hurry to return. The organizer had gone home himself, but the house was not far away, so we could spend the evening sitting there gossiping.

The melody of the slow music that was playing at the time of meditation was still on and we were all enjoying discussing philosophies around the world. Then suddenly the electricity and music stopped. And the next moment both started again. We all stared at each other with surprise. This is not surprising in India - power outages are common there. But here, in Germany till today, I have not seen electricity going for even a moment, the entire time is provided without disturbance. My friends said that, well it can happen whenever there is a big problem, but it happens only as an exception. Something must have broken and the power had to be switched off to connect it to another line. For a few moments, we were all satisfied with this cafe. We got engrossed in talk again but the same thing happened again after two minutes! We then looked at each other and waited. If this happened three times, it was not normal. To see what is the matter, we stood up and thought to talk to our organizer whether this has ever happened before? When we came out of the meditation room, we heard the sound of the front door closing and when I looked out of the window, a black shadow appeared running. When I looked carefully, seeing her walking style, etc., I felt that I am recognizing that figure - and lo, she was crossing my organizer lane and going towards her house! Upon reaching the front, he opened the door, the light of the room fell on him and my suspicions were dispelled.

Of course, I was not the only one who saw him running from the window into the lane. There was a strange silence in the room. Everyone glanced out of the window, from the door to the fuse-box; The fuse-box door was left a little open in a hurry. I could not understand what to say to the guests, but we stopped our conversation there and left each other saying 'Good-night'. When everyone left I came home and saw that my organizer was sitting in peace reading a book. He called me 'hello' and started trying to look somewhat surprised. I asked straight away, 'Why did you turn off the room's power with the mains switch?' He then expressed the same false surprise and said, "No, it wasn't me! I was here the whole time! But I know ... 'Now his voice slowed down a bit -' Sometimes it happens here. I think there is an unquenchable soul who wanders around for light! '

I think I must have been aghast at that time and staring at him in disbelief and wonder wondering if it would be possible to debate this thing. I thought it best not to talk. If she could do such a big drama then she was not going to back down from her words. So why get involved in the debate? I changed the subject but made it clear that I do not believe these useless things at all. I had a unique feeling, a funny incident happened to me. Another lesson I learned: Not only superstitious people live in the world, but some people can also do stunts to make superstition believable and to take it further!

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