Two Witch Tuckers- A Great Horror Story Of The Month In English Language

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Two Witch Tuckers- A Great Horror Stories Of The Month In the English Language

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In today's time, due to the large population, the forests and fields are getting reduced. Some time ago, when there was not much population in our country, then the forests were also enough and the fields were also very large. At that time, winter also used to be a lot. This story is about the cemetery from which a village very close to this cemetery There was no courage to go near this cemetery at night. People used to go to this cemetery during the day, either to feed their buffalo or to work in their fields. Once near this cemetery, a madwoman is released. You must have also seen that mad people start appearing in the city or village at some time because these people leave these people around the village and the city with the help of crazy people so that they spend their remaining lives getting food around these villages or cities Spend it. Like this, the people of Paglakhana had left this cemetery near that cemetery. At that time, it was winter time, for a few days the woman stayed around this cemetery but after a few days this woman realized the cold, then this woman started looking for a hot place to escape from the cold. Near this cemetery, there was a room like a ruin. This room was very dirty and some bamboo and clay pots were lying in this room. This woman was crazy, so she was not able to understand what was wrong and what was right. This woman had made that room her only resort to avoid the cold. But he did not know that this room would later kill him. This woman used to leave this room due to feeling hungry during the day and used to go to sleep in the same room in the evening. The people of the village near this cemetery had also come to know that this crazy woman lives in an empty room of this cemetery. Some people of the village tried a lot to drive this woman away from that room, but this woman did not get angry from that place. After losing the woman, the people of the village left it to her own condition.

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A few days later this woman did not come to the village to ask for food and this woman was living in this room without drinking and drinking for four days. Then the villagers suspected that the madwoman had not died. Some of the villagers gather and become Rabana like that cemetery where that room was built near the cemetery. When all the people of the village reach the room near this cemetery, only then do they see that the madwoman was acting strangely. As if someone has tied her body and she wants to get rid of him. The people of the village took this woman out of this room and lied outside, but that woman kept on doing the same thing. The people of the village thought that perhaps this woman's health must have deteriorated when she is doing so. People jointly called a doctor so that this woman could recover completely. The doctor pressed something and injected the woman. As long as this woman was in a state of unconsciousness, then this woman kept sleeping but when the effect of coercion ended, then again this woman started to do the same thing. Some people tried to make this woman drink water, but this woman was neither eating nor drinking water. The witch made a madwoman a victim Actually there was no problem in the health of the woman, but the woman was a victim of a witch. That which had entered the body of that madwoman, so she could not have the effect of suppressing her. It was too late by then the villagers could understand this. The woman was dying until she lost her life. I hope you like this story. Please share it with your friends and relatives on Facebook and WhatsApp as much as possible. Thank you. For more similar stories, subscribe by pressing the bell sign on the Desikahian website.
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