Story of famous Gautam Buddha in English

Story of famous Gautam Buddha in English
A great story based on Gautam Mercury. You will get a lot of inspiration by reading this story
Story of famous Gautam Buddha in English

Story of famous Gautam Buddha in

Once upon a time, Mahatma Buddha was absorbed in his penance, many days had passed while he was sitting in penance. Then a hunter was going that way, that hunter recognized Mahatma Buddha. The hunter had heard a great deal about Mahatma Buddha, but he was not satisfied with Mahatma Buddha's elders. He thought to take the test -

The hunter first kills Mahatma Buddha by throwing a small stone, but Mahatma Buddha does not react. Because they believed that the body suffers, not the soul. Therefore, the body was hurt by the stone thrown by the hunter, but not the soul. The hunter kept thinking for some time, Mahatma Buddha would react something, but Mahatma Buddha was absorbed in his penance, he did not react. Again, the hunter threw the stone, that stone was put on the eyes of Mahatma Buddha and blood started flowing from that place. Mahatma Buddha felt blood flowing from his body, but he still did not get up from his penance. The hunter got angry and threw another stone and Mahatma Buddha again. Now blood started flowing from Mahatma Buddha's body, feeling so much pain, tears started coming out from Mahatma Buddha's eyes.

Akbar Birbal stories in English with moral

The hunter went to Mahatma Buddha and asked you when I threw a stone, you did not react, Mahatma Buddha said with great simply because it has hurt my body, not my mind and brain. The hunter was taken aback. He asked why tears are flowing from your eyes.

On this, Mahatma Buddha again said that my brain is crying thinking about the result of the unfair work done by you. You have committed such a great sin, what punishment will you get. Hearing the Buddha's words, the hunter bowed at the feet of Mahatma Buddha and apologized to him. Mahatma Buddha was a forgiving person, He immediately forgave the hunter and offered his blessings. He started living as a great man and seeker after getting the blessings of the hunter Mahatma Buddha.

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