short horror stories, In English, - A Dangerous Shadow

We publish more than one horror and creepy story. Here is the scary story of the wandering soul in this episode. Short horror story in English, I hope you will like it.
short horror stories 2020

Short Horror Story In English, - A Dangerous Shadow

short horror stories
Chaudhary Saheb was working at the manager's post in the bank. He had a very happy life, in addition to his house he had a wife and a son and a daughter, both were very young, so they lived in the house, both son and daughter were of good and calm nature. The life of Chaudhary Saheb's wife was spent in handling the children, the daughter was very beautiful, like a fairy, so she was not allowed to get out of the house much if someone would come home to see them and see the daughter She could not live without loving him, the daughter was so dear to everyone, life was going well that only then Chaudhary Saheb's transfer took place in the village a little away from the city and He started having problems in coming and going, for a few days he used to come and go from the old house, then he got a house on rent in the village and he shifted to the village house with his family, the house There was a big puddle in front of him, and also a peepal tree, very clean environment, getting pure air and water, due to which his daughter's face has blossomed, now she is even more beautiful It started appearing, suddenly one day Chaudhary Saheb had gone to the bank and an old lady came in during the day, when he saw the daughter of Chaudhary Saheb, picked him up in his lap, when Chaudhary Saheb's wife came out, he saw his daughter playing in the lap of an unknown old lady. Took my daughter from the old lady, the old lady said, "Give me the daughter, on hearing this, Chaudhary Saheb's wife got angry and said," Daughter is mine, why give it to you?

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short horror stories
short horror stories
The old lady said, it is very beautiful, give it to me, I cannot live without it, strange circumstances had happened, Chaudhary Saheb's wife asked the old lady to leave the house, but the old lady escaped from the house. Looked at the daughter and went, at night, the daughter was deteriorated from Achanak, Chaudhary Saheb, troubled he took the daughter to the doctor, got treatment, all the tests were done but the daughter was not getting well, everyone felt Old age He did something, so was taken to the chanted Baba, Baba told that someone had wrought magic on it, he wore a talisman around the neck after which his daughter started getting right, for a few days. Everything went well, but then one day his daughter was not seen by Achanak, Chaudhary Saheb's wife found the whole house, but the daughter could not be found, then she looked at the same old lady, she asked the old lady Dhia said, I had asked for a daughter but you did not give, now find her, but after a lot of searching, the daughter could not be found, when Chaudhary Saheb came to the house at night and came to know, he was terrified and reported to the police when the police started searching. If someone said that the last time the girl was found playing near a Pokhara, after that the girl could not see anyone, nor did the old lady see anyone, then when she was found in the puddle, the girl's clothes Received, but nothing of the girl was found, it has been almost 40 years, but till date, Chaudhary Saheb and his wife could not find out where their daughter went missing and who was the old lady, who was overlooked Did not come

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short horror stories

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