One father and one son. motivational. story

One father and one son. (motivational. story)

motivational. story
One father and one son

motivational. story
There used to be a sculptor in a village. He used to make very beautiful sculptures and he earned a good amount from this work. He had a son. That child started making sculptures from childhood. The son also used to make very good sculptures. You would be happy at your son's success. Was. But every time someone in the idols of the son used to throw out a camera, he used to say that he has done very well. But next time try to overcome these shortcomings. The son also did not complain. He continued to follow his father's words. Due to this continuous improvement, the idols of the son started becoming better than the father. And such a time has also come that people will give idols of the son. I 

started paying a lot of money. While the idols of the father continued to be sold at the same price as before, the father also removed the shortcomings in the idols of his son. But the son did not like it anymore. And he accepted those shortcomings without mind. But even then, he used to correct those deficiencies. At one time, when the son's patience was answered, the son said that when he was finding loopholes, then you said that if you are the greatest sculptor, if you had so much understanding, then your idol would not have been sold at such a low price. I do not think your advice is needed. My idols are good. When the father heard this son, he put his son to sleep and stopped making loopholes in his idols. The boy

motivational. story
I was happy for a few months. Now he began to follow that people no longer praise his idols that much. The prices of his idols stopped increasing as he used to do. Initially, Beto did not understand anything, then he went to his father and told him about this problem. The father heard the son's problem very calmly. As he already knew that one day it would come like that, the son also notices that you knew that it was going to happen. The father said yes, we have gone through such situations, I knew that one day it will come. So the son says that. You could explain to me. So the father said that when you were making the idol, we were 

removing the shortcomings in your idol, then you did not feel satisfied, you tried to better yourself and that was the reason for your success. And the day you were satisfied with your work and you also assumed who has no chance of getting better. So your growth stopped and people expect better from you. And this is why you are not praised for your idols nor do you get more for it. The son kept quiet for a while and then questioned what I should do now. The father said, "Suppose there is a chance for you to be better." Will inspire you to do better next. Will always make you better

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