If you are fond of cricket, you can not read without reading this book 'Team Democracy' by Rajdeep Sardesai /2020

If you are fond of cricket, you can not read without reading this book 'Team Democracy' by Rajdeep Sardesai
of cricket /2020
cricket /2020
India was once a crazy country for hockey, Major Dhyanchand was called a hockey wizard ... People say that the ball used to believe him. India won medals and cups in hockey, but with the passage of time, the mind of the Indian audience also changed... Whereas earlier there was steak, ball, goal post, while gradually replacing the ball, bat and 22 The pitch of the yard took... Cricket in India became very famous after the 1980s. When India won the World Cup for the first time, the West Indies were considered to be the most dangerous team in the world, defeating the West Indies was not a matter of any team.

It is said that cricket was born in England, but it was raised in India. You can get a sense of how famous cricket is in India by the fact that even a rickshawala running the road can tell you the meaning of Down the Ground, in the stand or Between the Wicket. Similarly, in the World Cup matches or the exciting match between India and Pakistan, one can also tell about the Test match a day before, how much India's score was and which player scored or how many T- Today, which teams are competing in 20 ...

Bestselling author and journalist Rajdeep Sardesai has written 'Team Democracy: The Great Story of Indian Cricket' on eleven players of the same cricket. Rajdeep is an English celebrity journalist and writes in the same language. He wrote this book in English under the name Democracy's XI: The Great Indian Cricket Story, which has been translated into Hindi by Ketan Mishra. This book contains the stories of that upbringing of cricket… which a batsman brought up with his cover drive or a bowler brought up with his spin…

The role of the book is written in such a way that once you start reading the book, you will not be able to live without reading it… On one side of the book, there are short stories of cricketers from big cities like Goa, Mumbai, and Delhi, At the same time, there is also the story of an ordinary boy from a small town like Ranchi who becomes the richest player due to cricket... In the book to explain a better democracy, cricket is a better example. Have been introduced as well ... As the name suggests, 'Team Democracy' means that the success stories of democracy which became more famous on 22 yards pitch not in the Parliament House ... Some stories will make you tickle, but there are some stories which you will read He will also be proud... If you love cricket or you play cricket, while reading the book, you will be able to connect yourself with some stories ... Democracy, struggle, p Iwarwad, passion, depicts the trust, confidence, ability and so on ... This book shows that cricket is constituting may be one of the better this country.

 cricket /2020

cricket /2020
The Indian cricket team is a fantastic mix of people coming from small and big cities where players of different religions, classes, castes, localities, and languages ​​play together. This is the group in which the son of a Ranchi pump manager can dare to dream big, where a Mumbai boy born with talent can play with a Muslim coming from the narrow streets of Hyderabad. At the time when dynasticism has kept Bollywood and politics at bay, cricket is the field where everything is being played on a flat surface and which is realizing the principles of our Constitution in the true sense. This game actually brings out the most accurate image of India. In this book, bestselling author and journalist Rajdeep Sardesai have been able to tell that cricket teaches us one thing. If you have the potential, the ability, then you can also be one of those 11 players of this country with 133 crore population. One who leads the entire country on a 22-yard pitch ... You can also be part of the team of 11 players for whom neither religion, nor caste, nor richness, nor poverty, area for them and Status also does not matter… it matters only its cricket which leads it to that peak….

Senior journalist Rajdeep Sardesai comes to the reader through 11 Indian cricket players with the story of post-independence Indian cricket. These players include from the 60s Dilip Sardesai to Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Virat Kohli. He explains that this book is not about the 11 best Indian cricketers, but this book talks about the journey of Indian cricket-based on stories and stories from personal stories. The book begins with a rapturous day in the struggle of Indian cricket, when cricketers traveled on a train, got a few hundred rupees for a test match, and then stops there when a businessman worth crores of rupees in cricket IPL has arrived. Even a player has become a millionaire, a billionaire. In this way, Sardesai, along with cricket, has tried to keep an account of the development of Indian society in front of him.

The best thing about 'Team Democracy' is that you will read only the stories of 11 players, but along with those 11 players, you will definitely read one story about all the Test cricketers contemporary to them. When there is democracy in the name itself, then, of course, there will be the talk of politics. Many things have also been shown in this book in a news style. Like how a cricket control board is operated, or how many people work behind it to make a play. In the book 'Team Democracy: The Great Story of Indian Cricket', Lalit Modi's exercise of starting the IPL, and the story of the IPL's dominance in the country will make you aware of the growing influence of the market in cricket, while Yuvraj Singh's six sixes. The story will not make you any less thrilled, even at a time when Yuvraj Singh has retired from international cricket. If you are a fan of  or ever want to do journalism in the field of sports, then you must read this book….

Finally - we can call this book the 'history' of Indian cricket.

Book: Team Democracy - The Great Story of Indian Cricket Author: Rajdeep Sardesai Translation: Ketan Mishra Genre: games Publisher: Vani Prakashan Price: Rs 350 / Page number: 300

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