first love story

first, love story    2020

2020 first, love story
first, love story
first love story
All the moments in life can be forgotten except for the moment that comes for the first time in everyone's life. That picture of old old Deepika which is not even 

visible from the dust reminded me of that moment when we first Had met His smile on which the college boys were willing to die. If we talk about Deepika's character, then Sati Savitri also falls before her. The first time we met, it seemed that we were made for each other, but until love was expressed, it should not be considered our own. I knew every choice of Deepika. We both studied together, every good bad thing. I help each other. Seeing this behavior of ours, everyone 

felt that we both love each other, but till the last day of college, there was no talk about this between us and this truth remained only between us. Regardless of what the world perceived, it was an absolute truth that we both respected each other. Did not know how to spend college days. Everyone went out of their way. Deepika also went her way but gave a smile while leaving. I could not understand this smile and my heart fell in love with him. Time went ahead at its own pace. Our dust also kept the dust on our memory. Over time we grew up and we

first love story
became father to the student. Ratna, whom I married two years ago, was exactly like Deepika. We were living happily with husband and wife. One day when Ratna got the opportunity to read my diary, she came to know my love story, which according to me is probably an It was one-sided love. My wife who was Deepika's childhood friend narrated the whole story of Deepika. On hearing her story, 

respect for Deepika was doubled today. Deepika was the only child of a poor farmer, her father molded her into a role that she played as a responsible person right from childhood and used her freedom to work as a senior police officer in her own district today Is and he has been married since college days, maybe this will be the reason why we could not develop the love between the two which one lover has with another lover. Whatever the way it was, this was the story of both of us, which is seen in any way, it is completely appropriate, which kept growing on every mode because there was no selfishness in it, it was like a constantly flowing waterfall which always was the other. Becomes meaningful.

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