Cricket legend and his interesting stories

Cricket legend and his interesting stories
Cricket legend and his interesting stories
Cricket legend and his interesting stories
Great cricket players and their interesting stories
The history of the game of cricket is associated with the 16th century, the increasing popularity of cricket in the world can be gauged from the fact that the game of cricket is considered to be the most popular sport in the world. Cricket fans are also very interested in cricket players' interests, cricket fans take great interest in knowing all the interesting stories related to their favorite players.

There are some great cricket cricketers and interesting stories related to them.

1) Rohit Sharma 
Rohit 'Hit Men' Sharma is famous in world cricket with his stylish batting and cricketing talent. Rohit Sharma, the only batsman to score two double centuries in ODI cricket, has not had an easy cricket journey. Rohit Sharma's father Gurunath Sharma was employed in the Transport Corporation, but his father's job was suddenly lost due to the closure of the transport corporation, during which the financial condition of Rohit Sharma's family deteriorated. Rohit Sharma learned the qualities of cricket at the Vivekananda International School under the supervision of coach Dinesh Laddh. Once Rohit was walking with his coach, then Rohit put a mark on a car parked on the way, Rohit said to his coach 'Sir I will buy this car one day'. The coach ignored his words and asked him to concentrate only on the game. Whatever be the fact, but this is true, at this time Rohit Sharma is the most important player from India in the game of limited overs.

2) Yuvraj Singh
A left-handed batsman Yuvraj Singh is known as the player to hit six sixes and the fastest half-century in an over in all T-Twenty. Yuvraj Singh played the World Cup in 2011 despite suffering from cancer and won the 'Man of the Series'. In his childhood, Yuvraj was also interested in sports like football, tennis, and skating. Yuvraj said in the interview that he wanted to pursue a career in skating, Yuvraj has won the gold medal for his country in the under-14 skating competition. Yuvraj has worked as a child artist in a Punjabi film.

3) Sachin Tendulkar
Sachin Tendulkar is known not only as a player in India and in the world but also as a brand ambassador of cricket. Atul Ranade, Sachin's nursery class fellow, says that Sachin has been punctual since the age of 5-6. Sachin often used to fight with his friend during school break time, once Sachin was beaten up a lot by the boy from his school. It was highly possible that after a few years, in the same way, Sachin smashed all the bowlers of the world with his bat. Sachin spread to English during the tenth examination, and a few years later an article based on Sachin was written in the books of the tenth.

4) Steve Waugh

Steve Waugh was the captain of Australia during the time the Australian team was at the peak, Waugh is on the list of 15 players who have scored more than 10,000 runs in Test cricket. Waugh holds the record for winning the 1999 World Cup and 16 consecutive Test matches. Waugh started cricket with his twin brother at the age of 8 from Bank Town Under-10 cricket. He played over 25000 runs for Australia in Waugh Brothers. Along with cricket, Waugh became the youngest player to be selected in the soccer team of New South Wales Primary School.

5) MS Dhoni
Dhoni, the captain of the Indian team, belonged to the middle-class family, Dhoni played badminton and football from cricket in his childhood, Dhoni has also been a goalkeeper in the football team. Once the chief keeper was injured during the match, Dhoni, who wore the globs, is today known as the world's most successful wicket-keeper batsman. Being the eldest son of the house, Dhoni started working in the house and started working as a ticket checker on the railway and playing cricket with the railway team. Dhoni, who had a simple TTE job, became the captain of India's World Cup team.

6) Dale Steyn
South African fast bowler Dale Steyn, who used to fire on the pitch with his ball, never thought that he would one day play cricket for South Africa. Born in a small village near the world-famous Kruger National Park, Stan is the best bowler in South Africa today. Stan used to play cricket with skateboards and fishing games as a child. Stan started playing cricket from the age of 11, as a Christmas gift, Hensi Cronje gave Stan his cricket kit, after that, what happened today is history.

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