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2020 story
There used to be a group in a department Everything else was fine, but just because of not having a workplace home district, they used to live in a little trouble. Coincidentally, something like this, here and there jugaad water was transferred to Bhai Sahab in his home district. Bhaiya Ji was so happy and excited that he decided to give 100% to the department in return for this favor. Worked with a lot of heart, never seen day and night. The householders never felt during this time that Bhaiyaji is under the government department. Whenever you ask the brother, how much work you get from doing so much work, promotions, etc. will be on your own time, but Bhaiya Ji believed that there is no greater service than service to the country and service of the department is country service. However, they may not have benefited from this service, but the people sitting on them benefited greatly. CR grew so differently. Over a period of time, there was a change of power and Bhaiyaji was again transferred to a far-flung area, because some other jugaadar had engaged the jugaad. Now whether or not Bhaiya Ji will serve the country in the future But who is the king in "jugaad" and "hard work", he may have realized this.

PS: Almost all the government employees have to do with the above story.

story .2
It is a matter of time that a government employee was sent to a time machine in 2025 on an experimental basis. Employees reached in 2025 and found that the center and the state everywhere had the same party-specific government. There is a wave of happiness among the government employees as the Dearness Allowance is reduced by 189%, as it is a matter of honor that this time the government did not merge 100% of the negative DA into basic pay, otherwise the salary would be reduced. The HRA has been shut down as employees arrive by bullet train from their home town. The SSC etc. commission has been abolished as there is no tax or audit department left. All digital have ended in the storm of India and all the workers recruited in ancient times have been deployed in the cow protection team or cleanliness mission. This time only 2 vacancies have been removed from the UPSC because after the 1002nd amendment of the Constitution, now either robots or Reliance employees are editing those tasks. The government is considering a proposal to implement the recommendations of the first pay commission for government employees. Seeing all this, the government employee was about to get a heart attack that the lights went off at the present time and the employee returned to the present due to the time machine shutting down. It is heard that nowadays, the employee is meditating for 4 - 4 hours a day to get relief from mental stress.


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