2020 my love Story

my love Story 2020
2020 my love Story 2020
my love Story 2020

The chilly winter is now on its way back home. The pink weather has replaced him. Valentine's day making this pink season even pinker. That is, the day when every heart becomes romantic by breaking the age limits is also coming. Everyone is eagerly waiting for this day and me too because this time I have some satisfaction in my mind that I am not alone in this romantic season as always. I also have a partner, I also have a friend who is my Valentine.

The picture was not like this in the last few years, the attitude of the wind was something else. The closer I got to Valentine's Day, my tension would increase, the more my blood would boil and on February 14, both my anger and grief would be at its peak. The reason for my sorrow was that this day is called the day of love, it is called the day of lovers and lovers, and that was my sadness because we were lovers, but my girlfriend had zero balance in the matter. I prayed to God throughout the year that this time a girl can become my girlfriend, whom I can make my valentine and walk with my Playboy friends. But it seems that God is very busy, there will be a long line of such prayer letters in front of him, in this crowd, my prayer would get lost before reaching him and my wish would always remain. To eradicate this sorrow, my program was always fixed on February 14 to apply some ointment on it, that it is to oppose Valentine Day by putting a red swab on the neck and save our culture. I do not know whether our hard work would have done anything good for the culture or not, but on the pretext, we would have got some relief from the pain of our hearts. I had no particular problem due to not having a girlfriend, I was happy to be independent. But seeing the rest of my friends and their girlfriends, gradually became the biggest problem for me, and it grew so much that despite my name being Happy, my friend turned to sorrow.

I used to look at my friends and think, how does the man above also make donkeys a wrestler and a well-to-do wrestler's donkey, which I am myself. I certainly had nothing less to do with my friends. I was attractive, smart but why not? Despite all this, no girl gives me grass. On the other side were my friends whose entire job was full of girls. If he left one, the other was immediately in his arms. Sometimes I have pity on the girls who are getting caught in the clutches of poor girls, but after some time I feel that the reason for my kindness for girls was not human, my heart was jealous. I feel that my jealousy was also right to some extent because most of my friends would drink cigarettes and give up, but there was a question that neither alcohol nor cigarette and girl was there. Even then, these bastards did not know what magic that the girl used to pull towards them despite being a mine of demerits. The account of everyone's girlfriend was always full, and if we were Gopal, it was just us. Till today I could not understand why this was so? Why was I alone in this fair of love? Do girls really have bad choices or did I have a misconception about myself?

On the horse of success, the person keeps moving forward without thinking anything but the unsuccessful person scrutinizes his every move, every deficiency. I was also raising the flag of failure, so I also spent a lot of time in my life on the famine of girlfriends and in its result, I found that one of the many reasons for my dryness in the case of girls was also, or say, the biggest. Cause I was myself Whenever I would look at a girl and try on her, I would try to raise her drink and in the midst of that effort, a friend of mine would come there and give her leg, then I do not rival her because I have the courage to confront her in case of girls. Was not That is why I would consider myself out and get retired and vacate the field for my friend, playing the duty of friendship. It was painful to do this, but more pain would have come when my friend successfully won the field by giving his girl mobile no.

If the day is good and luckily, I should not put any leg in this work and after a little effort, that girl would also look at me with a sigh, make me understand the language of my thief's eyes and invite me to go ahead, then do not know at that time. I used to lose my intelligence, my power of thinking would go on strike without being told, my nervousness would be at its peak, and I would concentrate on everything else except that girl. So as to remove the heron I came to this place by mistake. The blows of my face and the beating of the heart by the speed of a hundred would automatically drive me away from my floor and in this way, all the work was done but the water would go away My problem was that I wanted to be friends with girls, wanted to make girlfriends and not know what to do. But the truth is that I used to get nervous even talking to girls. While talking to a girl, all the fuse of my brain started flying one by one, my words used to tighten my throat and ……. While talking to girls, they may have met a beautiful dream for boys, but for me, such a meeting was not less than an accident and this accident had happened to me many times.

It is a matter of the last winter, I was looking at the colorful views of the college, standing outside the class in the empty period. I saw that a beautiful girl was walking towards me from the science lab and hanging her shoulder bag. My eyesight was on him with full vigilance. When the distance narrowed, her eyes collided with my eyes, in this first confrontation of eyes, I laid down my arms and bowed my eyes but her eyes kept on me, her face was shining as if she knew me well. . I also rotated the wheel of my memory by meditating on his face, but still, I could not recognize him, but I understood that it is my earning someday, fearing that I might have taken a turn. But ignoring these frivolous things, I noticed that she was slowly coming towards me. My banging started to grow faster than speed due to her increasing steps. I started seeing that beautiful girl like an executioner. I knew my status in the case of girls and understood that I would not be able to face it. So, to protect myself, I opened my book and started to look at his words so much that I would be entering it in a few moments. But this did not have to happen nor did it happen but that girl had to come to me and she was constantly coming close to me, defying all the grief she displayed.

She came to me smiling and said, 'Hey, how are you studying here?' As soon as he spoke, I felt as if someone had dropped an Atom Bomb on me, my eyes refused to shake his eyes, my words got confused, the mind was unable to tell what to say. With great difficulty, my tongue defended me and said 'Yes'. After that, he also said something but my ears did not hear anything. That's all I got out of my mouth, 'My class has started. Saying this, I saved my drowning breath. It was the month of December, it was cold but I went inside the classroom and felt my face was sweaty, my condition was like I came after winning the marathon. You may think this is a joke but for me, it was more difficult than winning the marathon. In this event, due to my lack, I just got a chance or said that I have lost a laddu in my mouth and I regret it for months, but what is the use of such regret when the crop itself has set fire to it? I was unable to sit in the love of love, the same my friends were constantly winning the love match and climbing the ladder of success. His success was burning my mind more rapidly. These mobiles gave more fire to my failure. Whenever any of my friend's phone calls, he would ignore everyone else and immediately cling to that phone, his words would dissolve completely and he would stay on the phone for hours. I do not understand that what do these bitches do on the hour-long fan? I tried to listen to a couple of times, everyone had almost the same things. "What are you doing? ....... What have you made today? ........ Potato parathas, We like cabbage ……. When will you feed us now …… Is Papa coming ……… well done ……... And tell me, you seem to have got a cold ...... No sound was coming like this. "And you don't know how many hair-removing skins, which did not stop. After listening to these things for a while, I used to act as bored, while the truth was that "grapes which are not found are sour".

My pain from the mobile was not enough, in fact, the real reason for this pain was that due to this mobile many steps were started in the race to get even the smallest girlfriend from me and we were just watching them move like a donkey. Due to the mobile, the risk between the effort and success of Love Story was greatly reduced or almost finished. Now all the conversations, all the echoes, anger, anger, coaxing and breakups from the start of love all happen on the mobile phone itself, and no one even knows about it. There was a time when Chitthi, also known as 'thumb' in the language of love, had to reach his girlfriend. To reach the beloved was to go into a battle on its own and this 'letter' when caught while doing this great work was definitely proof that itself created noise and spread the character's character. In order to avoid this accident, each lover used to keep two small disciples, who used to defeat Khevan to overcome their love. By the way, this time was a kind of training time for those disciples. With the help of this training, they also used to go down in the field. We may not be able to become players of this game but in childhood, we also took this training. It is a matter of time when there were no telephones in our town even far away, there was a bail letter and greeting. There used to be a brother in our neighborhood 'Birju Bhaiya', he used to feed me a lot of taffy biscuits, so I used to get very good with him and I used to hang around him mostly. Once he gave me a pink scented envelope and said, "Son Happy, see she is going in front of Sakshi Didi, give them this envelope, take care to give you the envelope, don't see you, understand." I could not understand his point at that time, but still, I shook my head and obeying Birju Bhaiya's order, quickly reached the envelope witness Sister and forgot everything with money in the prize. In the evening at the Nukkad, the meeting of all our old boys was done, I was the youngest of them all but still became the complete leader in that meeting. That evening also I was sitting with my friends, among them was Sakshi Didi's brother. In this meeting, love letters were the subject of discussion, all the boys were leaving long and long, I was a little ignorant of these things, I could not understand the meaning of their talk. But when everyone was throwing long and long, how could I stay behind, so while boasting in impatience, I said, "I have given a witness to Sakshi Didi today, Birju Bhaiya had got it done." I stared at me and ran into his house with the fire of the bullet. Just what was it again? In this storm, the witnesses and the family members of Birju took the ghost of love from both their heads in one day. In this way, the love story of Sakshi and Birju started as 'The End', but the enemy story of both the families started with a gazelle. The badass continued for the next few years. Some people considered me responsible for the failure of this love story, but I never believed that all this happened to me in my mind. But later thinking about that incident, what is happening with me today is the result of this accident. Because of me, two loved ones got separated forever. Perhaps they would have given me 'curse' from my heart, that's why my youth was cutting colorless and dry.

I used to work hard to get color in my youth, I was very handsome, but I did not show a success. Even after lakhs of money, I could not get any girl's heartbeat. Gradually all the doors of love success were closing for me and I was drowning in the depths of failure. My mind also accepted that I am finished, now I am out of this race. But the fucking heart was not ready to accept this, it was constantly denying this theory, damning me that "the extinguishing flame burns once again" and I am going to go out without burning Huh, I too should forget everything and burn it once, one last try. I had heard in a romantic Hindi film that whenever there is a fight between heart and mind, victory is always in it, and the same happened in my case. My mind was surrendered before the heart and I again gear up for a final race.

    In my last attempt, I did not want to leave anything wrong, so I recognized my shortcomings and corrected them. I somehow overcame my fears, overcame my hesitation, changed my hairstyle from champu cut to Aamir Khan style. He even checked the clothes of his clothes a little and was completely ready for the campaign to make at least one girl his girlfriend. To test my preparations, I started going to funerals like Shaadi Vyah were my hopes also started to shine, but there were pomegranate and a hundred sick conditions. Friends, I did not see complete success due to the rush of information and lack of time. But still, with some partial successes, the mistrust which I had on myself started to change in faith. Soon I got a chance to take the field with my new confidences. Pinky, who lived in my neighborhood, was studying in the hostel and came home in winter vacation. I came to know about this when I noticed that the boys are walking around in our street too much. Most of my friends and enemies used to openly line him since I assumed my senses, I also silently followed him and ignited him in front of him as if I had no interest in him, but he would just show his teeth If I were honest, she was my dreamgirl since childhood. Because of my stay in the neighbors, my hello was hello to him, but the fire was nothing to him nor did I ever dare that I could move ahead of him. But this time the wind was different, the time was the same but we changed a little bit. This time I was completely ready to paint Pinky in my own color. The next day she saw me on the terrace since when I was waiting for this opportunity, there was no point in missing it. I reached the ceiling like an arrow, he looked at me and I had been looking at him for long, we both said hello, Pinky was a little beautiful, so she was also choosy, so after hi hello she turned me on. But I was not going to give up so easily, I started a series of talks from my side. "When did I come, how long is the vacation, how is the study going ... ... accustomed to mean things Starting slowly, our conversation started running on the track, we talked for about half an hour, this beautiful journey of talks would have run even longer if the voice of Pinky's mother would become a red light and not threaten in the middle. On the call of the mother, our conversation broke and she smiled and left by saying. After that, I closed my eyes and tried to capture this moment in my mind forever. After a few moments I returned to reality, I tried to rein in my happiness but I could not do it even if I wanted to. My feet were not lying on the ground and there was no other expression except the smile on my face. My smile did not last long, because the brakes on it soon threatened. In the evening my Punjabi uncle came home. His son (my cousin) Ajay was married, so he came to pick us up before marriage. Papa was busy with business and he could not go there so many days ago, so he asked me and mother to go with his maternal uncle. Like every woman, my mother is always ready to go to her mother's house, she immediately got into her packing, but to listen to them, I had to remove the meaning of my prayers, and I strangled my arms in marriage. Didn't want to go I made excuses one by one not to go by my side, wept the busy shop, cried the wedding of a friend's sister, but my father was also my father, none of my excuses had any effect on him but little After a while, he showed his red eyes and gave me the final order to go there. Seeing his face, I understood that now I have to bow my flag and obey my father's orders. I could not sleep that night, my eyes were silent but my heart was crying tears of blood. In my mind, my heart sometimes cursed my fate and sometimes God. But what to do, neither God was going to spoil me nor curse me because of my bashing, so I had to cut the wings of my high flying dreams and go with my maternal uncle from the morning car. After five hours journey, we landed at Nabha station, uncle's house was a little far from the station, so Ajay came to retrieve us. Seeing the smile on his face, I felt like saying 'brother-in-law stole the smile off my face, I could marry even after a few days', but I kept hugging him, keeping my heart in mind. After this meeting, we sat in the car and walked towards the house. I kept thinking all the way how these five days would be cut. After a while, we reached home and reached there and felt as if all the people were ready to loot all their love on us. Love rained down on all of them, in return for this love rain, I also had to touch the feet of ten-fifteen people, to be honest, the rest of my open mood was spoiled because personally I was hardened to touch my feet Was hated. But in front of everyone's love, my hatred had to be put to arms and fall into their feet. While solving my thoughts at night, I did not know when I fell asleep, the next day when I wandered there and realized that God has not made any mistake by sending me here. Because I came to my house leaving a pinky, but here the weather was turning pink all around. Everyone was beautiful, one was Punjab. It was difficult to decide which is more beautiful. The one above had probably caught my finger tightly because in that beauty fair I was a fine boy who was completely focused on the girls. Most of the married people were married or some young age and the two or four who were equal to me was not even close to me in Surat style. If you want, you can say that I was a Kana chieftain in the dark. Most of the girls who came to the house were my gentlemen's (maternal uncle's daughter) Komal's friends. I had a good friendship with Komal since childhood, and she introduced me to all of them, one by one, playing the duty of friendship. Speaking to him, my connoisseur noticed that here he can melt his pulse. It was my luck that I had to choose one of them, but I got such good luck for the first time in my life, so I found this task more difficult than learning a bicycle for the first time. The situation was one sick and a hundred pomegranate earrings and it was not able to decide which pomegranate to eat. I used to put my faith in one and immediately started looking at the face of the other, my mind would start thinking, when I looked at the other I would look behind the third one. I spent a lot of time-solving this confusion about which one to choose. In this confusion, two days flew off with feathers, then I also felt afraid that I should not spend all my time in this stupidity, so in order to avoid this world war-like problem, I decided that of these, who would first lean towards me. She will be mine But everything was not so easy that just because of my thinking, a girl will fall in my bag, for this I had to work hard and with such hard work, we would never turn our face. After a little mash kit, a girl started supporting my outstretched hand or saying that I started getting the green signal. His name was Jyoti. It was not that she was the most beautiful of all girls, but still, for me she was no less than Aishwarya Rai. The normal height, the color of wheat, and the eyes… the eyes really made her jealous. I felt as if I had found my sky, I had to climb my stairs and get my sky, and for this, I was fully prepared. I did not have a girlfriend but I knew all the tricks of the girls. I only had time there, in which I could show all my skills, and I also showed. Harpal would keep going around on some pretext, building a ladder and a bridge without praise. All my arrows were almost on their heads, the matter was completely fixed, we both understood the wind and wanted to flow with it, just waiting, then take the initiative to open the window of the heart, finally propose So who do? Me

It was full of dedication, full dedication, full vigor in his work. But I was Arjun in the eyes of the fish, the whole world was putting its eyes around and ears on all four sides. What we believed to be the secret of our heart was becoming a period of trouble and we did not even have news. Slowly, all our friends got aware of this program and in the end, Komal too became aware of this truth. When Komal, looking at me with her strange eyes, said, "What's the matter, the baby is flying high?" At that time, I came to notice that she was two months older than me and in this word of her child, I was clear her nobility. It started to appear, I could not make any answer to this strength. My heart accepted that the son should leave quietly, because now the work is going to be ruined, without leaving shoes, it will be a privilege. But it seems that Ishvar was with me and he gave Kodabuddi to Komal, whom I thought was the hindrance of my path, she came out as my boatman and started to sprint to reach my destination. Many times I tried to meet Jyoti alone but still, I could not meet her alone. I told my problem to Komal and she gave me this opportunity on my own day on a very easy day. This was the occasion for which I waited for a long time, worked very hard, but finding this opportunity, my feet were trembling due to rage. I was afraid that my condition might not be like that of a player who, despite being talented, gets knocked out in his first match at a paltry pace. I took the support of Baba Ramdev to reduce this pressure and took three to four long breaths so that There was some calmness while smiling. I had already reached there in a hurry to meet Jyoti. I did not know how I was going to stand alone and two or three times I thought that I should come first, but I did not think that I could not go back after finding me. I was stuck in this labyrinth of my mind for a long time. Then Jyoti came, she was also a little nervous, her eyes were bowed down. She said, "What's the matter, Happy Ji? Komal was saying that you have called us. Had some work to do?'' The same college scene began to repeat with me as soon as he spoke, but I was fully prepared for it this time, "No work was not done, just like that, can't we call you?" Stepped on the field to win. "No, it's not, you can call us whenever you want." I knew what she wanted to hear and maybe she was also understanding what I wanted to say, but the problem was that we had become the prophets, first of all, you are talking about each other in your style. Were. In the meantime, I felt that if you did not get out of the vehicle in the first place, so I forgot the rules of Ladies First, I took the first step. ? Jyoti was also no less. She said, "Yes, why won't you get there, even if the world is big but you don't have huge distances." You give me your mobile number, I will definitely call you. " Before he finished talking I spoke in one breath "999710 ......." He too quickly noted my number. Now there is no arrow left in my quiver that I can run on it, just sticking a smile of force on my lips. After waiting for me to speak for a while, he broke the silence, "Did I have to say anything else or go outside." Acting to wake up from her sleep, I said, "Yes, no, but have you been so happy with us that you want to go out." He said, "No, that's not the case, I was just thinking that there should be some other work." Now I had received full acceptance from her side, but there was a risk to move forward. The case was 99 percent set, but the remaining one percent could also have my watt. At last, I decided, what will be seen and I said by strengthening my heart, "Jyoti ji, I have to say something more to you." "Yes, I am listening," Jyoti said bowing her eyes down. "I like you very much, I like you, I love you," I said these three words to a girl for the first time in my life, and I was ready that if she wants, she can even slap me in response to these words. I was ready to listen to both my answers and was looking at him. His eyes were still bent and his face had become redder. She said to Kapate Hotho, "I like you ever since you met, I also want you. I am a girl, so I could not say it, but you too took a lot of time to say these two and a half words. ”She said this to me. Considering it in my arm, I felt as if I had come to another world. We both stood like this without saying anything for a while, then I heard a loud noise outside, we got separated. Outside she was soft and came in and said, "If both of you have finished the meeting, then be ready to walk at the wedding too. She walked with a gentle smile, she turned towards me and she gave me a kiss, which went straight into my heart. I was so happy that I was not able to handle this happiness, once I started feeling afraid that due to this happiness, I will not come hard. My friends often used to drink alcohol to dissolve the gum when it was broken, I had never had such an opportunity. But on that day, while diving in the ocean of my first success, I put two packs of whiskey for the first time and danced very heavily in marriage. I came to know about the potential of my dance when the next day intoxicated and pain started taking place in my whole body. I was not worried about the pain, after all, I had won a battle.

The next day was the hostel return of all those girls, I knew it but I could not get up early due to the intoxication. When I got up, the preparations were complete. I tried to talk to him but I did not get any chance. She was sitting in the car to go to the station, I tried hard to adjust in it, but due to too much crowd, I could not intrude into it. Only one seat was empty of the driver and I could not drive. To be honest, I regretted my lack that day and I decided to go home and enroll in driving school first. But all this had to happen later, for now, I could only seize it on that. She left me with sadness and sadness on my face. She went her way and remained, I am alone and lonely. Our train was in the evening, but without it, it seemed like a hill to cut away a moment. In the evening we caught the return train. Mommy does not know who was condemning the kiss, but I kept listening to them and lost in the light of the closed flame, and in my mind, I was flying very high kites, after all the first love was so much exciting. Was. By the way, I was even more excited to meet my friends because I wanted to show my happiness to them as soon as possible. Therefore, without reaching any time on reaching home, I reached my friends directly. I was eager to drop this bomb of happiness in front of them. But then I kept myself under control and kept calm by saying hello to them. I wanted them to ask me on their own and after a while, my heart got on the lips of one of them. ”And Lal, how was the wedding, did some sitting wait or just got hitched in a similar way?. '' After listening to Raju's question, I smiled a little and then in a single breath I made the whole story even more by applying chili masala. Hearing my data-e-Ishq, most of them considered it a false story made by me, but the glow of my face and Andal-e-Baya forced them to believe me. Till today I was jealous of his love story, but for the first time in my life, I saw despair on his face, and truthfully, when I saw him burning my heart got cold. My friends were jealous of this love story, but my heart was not rested because the distance between Jyoti and me seemed like punishment. I wanted to meet him in every situation, wanted to talk to him but could not do it. I used to look at my mobile again and again, why my phone did not come, sometimes I got angry with myself that I did not take his phone number in a hurry, how can I do such foolishness. It may be that the poor lady is not able to call due to any compulsion or shame, after all, she is a girl. Sometimes the mind wandered to the other side and came to mind that it was not a joke with me, I was not one of those idiots like she would cook every day. Even if you do not know what the opposite was about, I was suffering. But once his smiling face comes to mind, all the doubts will evaporate, and a voice comes from the heart that his phone will definitely come. My wait was getting longer, I used to think that on every call coming from a new number, it is the call of light, but it was not so. Lastly, my wait was over, but after waiting, the broken clock fell directly on my head, I got a call but not Jyoti's, but my aunt's. As soon as I said hello, Auntie smiled and said, "Good kids come out on you too, have fed a lot of flowers in four days. You and I have not got a little clue." Hearing her words, I understood which guy she was talking about, but still, I became silly and asked 'Gee ji how Jul ....'. 'Talk to mother's child, Chal Mummy' Mami shocks me again before my talk is complete. I used to explain to them something, before trying to give my clarification, the mother said from behind, 'Are your aunt's phone?' My mind was not able to work at that time, 'G' came out of my mouth in panic. "La phon de, get me talking." Mummy asked me to snatch the phone. Taking a call from me, the mother started talking to the smiling aunt, but as the matter progressed, the smile of the mother's face started changing in seriousness. Seeing their facial expressions, I understood that rebellion is going to happen, so I came out of the house before the phone was cut. Even after coming out, my mind was not getting peace, I was unable to understand how this little thing became a mess. Well, whatever was to happen, I had to see what would happen now. A strange fear kept scaring me again and again, that day became a dangerous dream for me. After all, when I used to roam outside, I had to come back home in the evening. By the time I reached home, my father had arrived, perhaps my father was the fear that kept me afraid all day. Seeing them, my feet started to tremble, but still, I kept my fear inside myself and remained normal. My father was waiting for me to come. He called me to him. Wearing the same well-known seriousness on his face, he asked me, "You are walking around, hero, where were you from morning?" I had already come to think of this answer before I presented my answer, Papa said again, 'You told that girl, what is her name' Jyoti 'you said to her?' 'Who lit? who is it? From what I said, nothing. ' 'Well you don't know who Jyoti is, but your aunt was telling something else. Father again testified. 'What was aunt said? I asked stuttering a little, but this time my fake naivety got swept from my face. Papa understood the truth of the stuttering of my words and seeing the sweat coming on his face. He said turning angrily into anger, "Tell me what have you done?" Seeing this harsh face of my father, my tongue was frozen and I started sweating instead of answering. I did not cry soon, but I do not know how that day came into my eyes, I said with a rough hug, "Dear Dad, but all the fault is not mine, Jyoti also liked me and she only took it further. ' Seeing my condition, the father laughed very loudly, he came to me and said, "Why is it so disturbing. Do not fear, whatever you have said, you have said it. Such things keep happening in the youth. "Before I understood this changed form of Papa, he said again" Hey donkey Jyoti as well as your family too, you want to get married to Teri and Jyoti. Those people, your aunt called me to do the same thing. Your mother and your maternal uncle also like girls very much. Then there is no question of my refusal. Let us save you from finding a girl for you, you have done this work yourself. I had come home thinking that there would be an orgy of anger here, but here, instead of marriage Purana was started. I do not know from where so much emotion and drama, where did this wedding bomb explode on my head, on hearing the sound of which all my love was blown away, even in the light of the light in the room, darkness fell in front of my eyes. I had gone to see but the bell was tied in my neck and I could not do anything. I was only 23 years old, the college is over, I started going to the shop for a few days and got married so soon. I could not refuse my father because after doing this a long speech and maybe after that my washing was also fixed. That's why I removed my father's attention and made Mummy my target. She applied a lot of butter to not let me get married but the mother was more worried about her brother and sister-in-law and for this, she was anxious to make my funeral pyre. She did not want to bow the head of maternal uncle even after trapping my neck. People say that the woman loves the soil from her maternal house more than gold, and here my mother was getting her daughter-in-law as a daughter-in-law of her maternal uncle, so she more than likely listened to my words It was considered more important to beat the drum of happiness. I tried very hard to avoid the bell of marriage going on around my neck, career, business, I adopted all the tricks but as usual, my excuse did not work for me, all my weapons became useless and in the end, I left my unilateral struggle. The wedding had to flow with the storm. I comforted my mind that I am getting married to a girl of my choice and there are very few such lucky people, so I should be happy instead of becoming a goddess of sorrows. Without paying any time, my father invited Jyoti's parents to come home. Soon he came home and confirmed our relationship. Father was in a hurry, he decided our matchmaking program after a month. From that day, preparations for matchmaking started in our house. My friends started preparing so loudly as if they were not my matchmaking! .. Brother-in-law. Meanwhile, Jyoti's call came three to three times, she also talked a little love but more than that in the matchmaking Bali to set herself and my dress, listening to her talk, I realized that she was behind her girlfriend's appearance Leaving fit perfectly in the groove of the wife, a 'perfect wife'. After all, the day of matchmaking has also come, I was the only child of my parents, so my father organized a grand event. An invitation was given to all of you, cards were distributed in hundreds of seconds, all friends came to decorate relatives, especially the women, who did not skimp in the makeup. It was very crowded all around in the bank of friends, in the crowd of friends, I also saw Pinky there, but my match was really for me the retirement of love from the field of love, so I stole the sight from that beautiful trophy that never came Leave work to your friends to work hard. I was getting greetings from all sides, hugging people and saying thank you and saying thank you, I was getting tired and there was a rush to see my choice and I was a little rash too. After all, the wait for everyone along with me was over, Jyoti came wearing Mahroom Lehenga Chundari, to be honest, she looked very beautiful. But don't know why I did not get the happiness on her arrival as I had met her in the first meeting. Jyoti looked at me and smiled, seeing her smiling told me not to know, I thought-

You are that beautiful dream of my eyes Seeing who looks like, Hopefully! I would not have closed my eyes.

But when I closed my eyes, now I have to dream, whether smiling or shedding tears, I understood this truth and I decided to dream it by smiling. We both happily wore a ring to each other. There was a noise of applause all around, every clap sounded for both of us, everyone was happy in our happiness, each eye rested on both of us, except my friends, their eyes were on the light of our eyes more than ours. He was stuck and he was hovering around him with some excuse. Seeing my friends preparing for batting in full form, I understood that this is a free bird, high flying will be filled, let it be filled. I was sitting alone on the stage, as Jyoti sitting near me was busy handling love and blessings from relatives. In the clutches of this loneliness, I looked around and saw that there was a dance on the DJ somewhere, where he was spilling liquor jams, where his mother was chirping in his friends, then my friends were happy in their fun and this group of friends One bird, I ..... I put a big smile on my face in the midst of all this, my girlfriend ..... Sari was sitting next to the smiling wife, behind this big smile I had my tears, My pain Ipa was heartache was just I knew then, finally was over before it began, 'My Love Story'.

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